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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Plants vs Zombies.rar

Plants vs. Zombies is essentially a tower defense style game. We have seen the iPhone and PC market flooded by these games. It is the new fad. Despite the plethora of tower defense games out, Plants vs. Zombies manages to set itself apart from the rest and is able to provide a fun, exciting, addicting and unforgettable experience.

In Plants vs Zombies essentially every level is the same, defend your house from being attacked by zombies. In between your house and the zombies is a backyard. The backyard is divided into six lanes, zombies can only travel straight down lanes, no crossing over or anything, everything is single file. The only way to keep the zombies from walking through the backyard and into your house is by planting various plants.

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  1. Such a damn exciting game...
    I was da 1st among my frenz who finished diz game without using cheat code..
    Gewd Luck frenz..
    Have FUN!!!

  2. most welcome bro...